Thursday, March 19, 2009

BYOP 24 Hour Animation Contest 2008

Pratt had an animation contest the other month and I was gonna trek it alone but Laura came in just before which gave me a bit more courage. Over time I've discovered a few tricks of the trade and learned that I work pretty okay as a director. I came to the contest with a concept in mind and thankfully the theme ended up being incredibly fitting. We got to dishing out scenes and although we cut many of them for the sake of time, we finished right at 12PM. An entire completed story with sound (although mashed together in 15 minutes) and plot. We were incredibly satisfied but putting things into perspective, felt that The other teams that had more creative ideas should have been victorious. With expectations set low we left in wait for the results in the evening. Surprisingly enough, we won first place...I know I couldn't believe it either! We won some pretty cool stuff, a tablet and a 250GB hard drive. We were really happy, couldn't have done it without my partner in crime. Thanks Laura! Here's the final product. The theme: unexpected behavior...

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