Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creme De La Whale Commerical

Second assignment for 2nd-semester Junior year. Create a 30 second commercial in a team of 3 or so. Once we all shared our ideas, the class split itself into teams based on who liked whose idea. Jane and Amanda joined me on my whale sperm shampoo idea so I got to be director, yay~! I really enjoyed splitting up tasks and managing things since I don't usually get to do so.

The roles were split as such: I was the writer, character designer and lead animator; Amanda did backgrounds/design and compositing; Jane did sound and product design/creation.

It came together in one adorably skeevy package that is very like my usual line of writing. Both cute yet subtly perverse. The product is shampoo made from whale sperm (not sperm whale!). It's an actual product I found in the Dominican Republic. Thought it needed some repackaging...

*Fun tidbit: Amanda is the lovely actress in the shower and I did the voice for the sky maiden and whale.

Creme de la Whale Spec Commercial from Erica Perez on Vimeo.

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