Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BYOP 24 Hour Animation Contest 2009

Title: Flames of Desire
The theme: "it hurts so good".
It took an hour to come up with this plot but it feels very close to the short from last year. Paired up with Laura again, we decided to go with our guns and put in things we liked (Arabian themes, curry, girls in cute clothes, pretty boys with curly hair). It was going to be much more epic so we could animate a cliff jumping sequence but the 24 hour time constraint didn't allow for it. Sadness!

It won third place this year! We were pretty happy with regardless of not having it be 100% there. It's also in color as opposed to last year. So much work...I would tell you the plot but it would give away the story so you'll just have to watch it! Enjoy~

Flames Of Desire from Erica Perez on Vimeo.

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