Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Surprise

A short story about a boy, his cat and a dog who wants to attack them. His efforts are thwarted by the boy's new-found love pf cross-dressing.

First semester Junior year final project. Had to be no longer than 30 seconds but it was difficult because there was too much that couldn't be fit in. I seem to have this problem so often. Must work on that! Guess I'm just a long format kind of person. Anyhow, not the happiest with this. This was back when I had just finished learning how to use Flash in 2008 so it has that cheesy quality to it. Didn't have enough time to polish it up so it's still unpolished. Best thing about it I would say is that dog. I love his design. Very inspired by Bill Plymptons "Guard Dog" for this piece.

A Little Surprise from Erica Perez on Vimeo.

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Jane Wu said...

IT'S SO ADORABLE I LOVE IT!! The animation in this is great, and the story is so 'Erica' haha. That angle of the store looking up is a bit strange, but I know you've mastered changing perspectives in your thesis!