Thursday, May 21, 2009

Delve - Junior Thesis Complete!

And so ends my Junior year. Gosh, to think, it's already been three years. The hard part starts now. My Senior Thesis. I had an idea but I realized that it was just something I wasn't doing for myself but that might entertain the viewer. I want to have something wacky and fun but still fairly serious and mysterious. That really is too much to ask for but I want to stay true to the things I like. If I love it enough, it will show. I want to have a super dance scene and a music video quality to it while still keeping a narrative. I'll try to stay away from romance since I always do that, except that I've never made an animation based on romance so I kind of want to do that too. This is all so hard. I'm going to spend a whole year on it so it better be damn well worth it. I'm psyched though! And with that, I leave you with my Junior Piece, enjoy.

Delve from Erica Perez on Vimeo.


Brandon said...

hey!! :) I really liked it. Cant wait to see the thesis. Good luck!

suzanne said...

Sweet :) Makes me want to take a bath.